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2017-2018 De Pere Select Tryout Process


  • Prior to the Tryout Date, please complete the De Pere Select Online Tryout Form
  • It is strongly recommended that a parent/guardian accompany all players that are new to De Pere Select for the check-in process before the first tryout.
  • ALL PLAYERS must check-in 30 minutes prior to the start time of their first try-out and complete the following items:
  • COMPLETE the De Pere Select Online Tryout Form: Click Here To Complete Now:
  •  All players new to the De Pere Select must also present an original or copy of their Birth Certificate for age verification.  It will immediately be returned to you.

Email Derek Rhodes with any registration/check-in related questions.


Can't Make Tryouts?

The best case scenario is for a player to be evaluated with the players they are competing for team placement. While not ideal, if a player is unable to attend the regularly scheduled tryout times they have a couple options:

Please make every attempt to attend the regularly scheduled tryout times.


The Tryout Process

  • Players should bring a water bottle and ball with them to the tryout.
  • Both days of tryouts will feature small-sided games (3v3, 4v4) and full scrimmages.  Players should attend both days of tryouts to give the tryout evaluation staff the best picture of their playing ability. 
  • Players will participate in a series of practice activities and be evaluated by a De Pere Select Coaching Staff member on:
    • Technical ability - what a player can do with the ball = skills
    • Tactical ability - the decisions a player makes when they have the ball and also what they do when they don't have the ball
    • Physical ability - speed, agility, etc.


The following dates were decided by our governing leagues, East Central Soccer and Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA)

  • May 22nd = Open promotion: Period two weeks prior to the first allowable tryout date in which a representative of the club may initiate contact with the parent(s) of a player to promote the club.
  • June 5th = First allowable date of tryouts for U11 - U13 teams
  • June 19th = First allowable date of tryouts for U14 - U19 teams
  • June 16th = First date that offers can be made at 6PM for U11 - U13 teams.
  • June 23rd = First date that offers can be made at 6PM for U14 - U19 teams.

Offers to Play/Team Assignments

  • The first date an offer can be made to a player is June 16th, 2017 at 6PM (for U11-U13 players) and June 23rd, 2017 at 6PM (for U14+players) 
  • A member of the De Pere Select Board will send an email at 6PM on those dates to notify players if they have been offered a spot on a team or placed on a waiting list.  Players offered a spot, have 24 hours to respond via email if they accept or decline.  If no response is received after 24 hours, the club can then offer that spot to a player on the waiting list.

Offers/Team Assignments will be selected based on multiple factors, including:

  • A try-out pre-evaluation conducted by the players current coach (for current De Pere Select Players)
  • Tryout Perfomance
  • Additional factors could be considered on a case-by-case basis.  For example, if a current player has had issues with sportsmanship, attendance at practices or games, or other factors the club may opt not to offer that player a spot.  In these situations the parents will be notified.

Expected Commitment

  • The regular competitive soccer season takes place in the Fall and Spring. Fall practices begin in the middle of August and games begin the first week of September.  Each team typically has one league game per week until the end of October.
  • The Spring season will begin the middle of April and games begin the first week of May. Again, each team will play typically one game per week until the end of June.
  • Teams practice twice a week during the season with one optional technical training per week.
  • The club also offers winter training sessions (beginning in November through February) in which players can get extra touches or indoor leagues. This winter training period is encouraged but not required.
  • Beginning in March each team will begin its preseason training in which each team will have one mandatory training per week indoors which is included in each individual’s player fee. Practice times for this team indoor training will be released after the fall season.
  • In addition, De Pere Select Club teams typically attend 3 tournaments per year, but may attend more depending on the team (the entry fee for the tournaments is built into the registration fee).  


Please contact Derek Rhodes or call 920-336-1900 with any additional questions.

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