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    De Pere Select Launches Player Promotion Initiatives

    New Player Profiles Help Promote Club Players to Colleges and Universities

    Player Development

    Player Profile Promotion

    Investment in Technology

    Player Showcases


    Ever wonder what happens after club soccer?

    Did you know De Pere Select is represented by over forty active College Soccer Players at all levels?

    The club approaches the promotion of it's players through proper player development, collegiate counseling, promoting it's players to colleges and universities, investing in technology and maximizing exposure by entering prospective players into showcase tournaments.

    De Pere Select assures it's players have the best coaching by investing in Coach licensing and continuing coach education courses.  In all De Pere Select invested in over 200 hours of coach education in 2015.  What does it all mean?  Our club coaches are learning the latest training methods from the top coaches in the world.  Players can be assured the best practices are being applied in all training sessions.  Additional opportunities will be created in the coming spring for players to train above and beyond their normal twice a week sessions.  Additional training opportunities are expected to begin spring 2017.

    Collegiate seminars will be available once a year to club players to help players get the most out of the search experience.  Stay tuned for announcements.

    Player profile promotion will be conducted by individual coaches at showcase events.  Flyers will be distributed to collegiate coaches on the sidelines of games.  In addition De Pere Select will feature it's players wishing to play at the next level on the College Prospects page of our website (here).  Tied to that page players will have the opportunity to link video highlights or full games to his or her profile card.

    The club has recently invested in a  High Definiation HiRise Camera System.  The HiRise will allow the club staff to capture video at games.  Coaching Director Derek Rhodes will begin a video schedule soon for teams ages 14 and up.  The club will feature games on its YouTube Channel.  In addition to full game footage the club will make and train parents and players to edit video footage.  That footage will ultimately be tied back to the profile card.  This is a huge step in making players more accessible to coaches at the next level.  

    The club will make every effort to feature our players in College Showcase Tournaments.  Coaching Director Derek Rhodes and staff coaches have experience putting players in relevant tournaments where they are going to get maximum exposure.  The Showcase years are defined as the high school years.

    These are exciting times at De Pere Select.  We will match our players desire to play at the next level.  We will equip our players with the best training, exposure and promotion to accomplish what they want to achieve through the game of soccer.



    De Pere Select Kicks Off U6 Girls Only League

    01/20/2016, 12:45pm CST
    By EG

    For the past ten years De Pere Select/ The Sports Emporium has had a u6 Coed League.  Over that time the league had seen a decline in the number of girls in the league.   
    The creation of the League was based on the theory that the girls weren't enjoying Coed Soccer League experience.  By continuing the coed league and also creating a girls only league young girls could explore the game in a better environment.

    De Pere Select/ The Sports Emporium had less than ten female players in Spring of 2017.  This fall the new Girls Only League started with 32 players in a 4 v 4 small sided league.

    In the short term more girls are playing organized soccer at a younger age.  In the long term the girls only u6 League should help girls get a fundamental base of skill through proper instruction in an environment that is comfortable for them to compete.

    What is League Promotion?

    01/20/2016, 12:45pm CST
    By EG

    How do Teams Earn the Right to Play in Upper Level Leagues?

    What is League Promotion?  How do teams earn the right to play in upper level leagues?  Who decides where our teams play?  How do De Pere Select Teams Fair in Upper Level Leagues?

    Did you know De Pere Select's club teams ages 11-19 have an opportunity to earn a promotion to more advanced leagues each season?  How does it work? 

    At the end of each season the Coaching Director, Technical Director and Team Coach review a team's performance and development. Then they decide where the team will apply the following season.  Most teams in the club will begin at Classic 1 or 2 when they start.  Based on the performance of the team, the leadership of the club will apply to leagues at the local, state or regional level.

    The teams compete in Local, State or Regional Levels.  It is common for East Central Soccer, Wisconsin Youth Soccer and the Midwest Regional League to accept teams that finish 1st or 2nd in the league tier below. The team must express it's interest in moving up by applying to play in the next level.  Team's in Northeastern Wisconsin may earn promotion all the way up to Midwest Regional League.  Below is a list of of sequential promotions available:

    Regional Level:  US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional League
    State Level: Wisconsin Youth Soccer State Premier League
    State Level: Wisconsin Youth Soccer State First Division
    Local Level: East Central East Central Classic 1
    Local Level: East Central East Central Classic 2

    De Pere Select's teams have a history of promotion at all levels.  Currently the club boasts two Midwest Regional Teams, the u18 Girls and the u19 Boys.  The u18 Girls are currently in a pool with includes teams from Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois, as of this article they are 3-1-1.  The u19 Boys are away for their high school season hiatus.  They will compete this spring in regional competion.

    At the other end of the spectrum u11 developmental level De Pere Select has four teams:  Boys Classic 1, Boys Classic 2, Girls Classic 1 and Girls Classic 2.  All four teams are in their first year of what is considered competitive soccer.  

    De Pere Select Teams have a track record of development and promotion.  Below is a list of teams that earned promotion:

    u12 Girls Coach Nick Bona, Classic 1 

    u12 Boys Coach Dusty Rhodes, Classic 1

    u14 Girls Coach Brock Messner State Premier

    u16 Girls Coach Scott DeGroot State Premier

    u18 Girls Coach Drew Rhodes Midwest Regional League

    u19 Boys Coach Derek Rhodes's Team Midwest Regional League


    Congratulations and good luck to all De Pere Select Teams this Fall!

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    • 01/20/2016, 12:45pm CST , By EG
    • Novemberfest and Holiday 3 v 3 Tournaments Coming Soon to The Sports Emporium
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