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    What is League Promotion?

    What is League Promotion?  How do teams earn the right to play in upper level leagues?  Who decides where our teams play?  How do De Pere Select Teams Fair in Upper Level Leagues?

    Did you know De Pere Select's club teams ages 11-19 have an opportunity to earn a promotion to more advanced leagues each season?  How does it work? 

    At the end of each season the Coaching Director, Technical Director and Team Coach review a team's performance and development. Then they decide where the team will apply the following season.  Most teams in the club will begin at Classic 1 or 2 when they start.  Based on the performance of the team, the leadership of the club will apply to leagues at the local, state or regional level.

    The teams compete in Local, State or Regional Levels.  It is common for East Central Soccer, Wisconsin Youth Soccer and the Midwest Regional League to accept teams that finish 1st or 2nd in the league tier below. The team must express it's interest in moving up by applying to play in the next level.  Team's in Northeastern Wisconsin may earn promotion all the way up to Midwest Regional League.  Below is a list of of sequential promotions available:

    Regional Level:  US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional League
    State Level: Wisconsin Youth Soccer State Premier League
    State Level: Wisconsin Youth Soccer State First Division
    Local Level: East Central East Central Classic 1
    Local Level: East Central East Central Classic 2

    De Pere Select's teams have a history of promotion at all levels!!

    De Pere Select Teams have a track record of development and promotion.  

    Good luck to all De Pere Select Teams!