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Individual Training Plans and Videos!

Players, if you want to take your game to the next level you need to devote yourself to training outside of organized team activities. 


Champions do more!

Winter and the off season is a great time to master footwork and conditioning. All players at DePere Select are expected to work on ball control and footwork exercises year round. In addition we expect players to report to tryouts in peak physical condition ready to face the dynamic nonstop action that soccer demands. In addition to ball touches we recommend players continue high intensity interval training all year long, including sprints.

Dribble Up Smart Ball

Smart Soccer Ball: Hand-stitched, match quality soccer ball that connects to the DribbleUp app. The remarkably durable ball doesn’t require any batteries or charging. Interactive Training Library: Virtual trainers take your skills to the next level. Live audio and virtual cones provide instant training feedback. Track Your Progress: The app gives graded breakdowns of your performance to hold you accountable like a coach. Use it to track and share your improvement over time. Anywhere, anytime: The smart ball can be used inside when it’s raining or snowing: no need for grass, a goal or much open space at all..

De Pere Select At-Home Training: Individual Soccer Touches

De Pere Select At-Home Training: Dribbling to beat a Defender

De Pere Select At-Home training: Dribbling